The future is now... wait, no, NOW... wait, really, NOW...  

Tired of trying to keep up with the cutting edge while making backups of your server?  How about trying to design for the bleeding edge while you try to set up your team to work remotely?
Ever try to recover a business after a disaster?

Our Story


 With over 35 years of combined industry experience, we've seen everything from flooded server rooms to recovery from fires to tire tracks on a laptop. 
We've modernised networks from token-ring to  microwave and then "back again" to high-latency bent-pipe satellite links; from remote desktop to virtual desktop, and VNC to VDI.
Our experience working with people and technology uniquely qualifies us to advise you on your journey, take over your "toil" and automate your most arduous and terrible technology nightmares.
We live and breathe this stuff so you don't have to... 
We are the solution you know you need to keep you doing you, and the technology gets out of your way.


Technology Management: It's What We Do.